Daddy Jones Restaurant Free Meals

The spread of COVID-19 has taken a toll on families across the greater Boston area. Many families rely on meals provided by public schools in their district to feed their children. Boston Public Schools, among other public schools associations, have set up sites for distribution of breakfast and lunch. Unlike the BPS system, which provides nutritious breakfast and lunch to their students, Somerville Public Schools require a payment of $3.25 per day. In certain cases, families can apply to waive this payment. This fee, however, is significant for families with multiple children and for those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Many local restaurants in the Somerville area, even though they are closed for regular business, have contributed food to families in need or set up sites where they give out meals and food packages. Daddy Jones Restaurant, located in Somerville, set up a time for children to get free meals every day between 5 and 6 PM. Any family that shows up during that time receives a free meal to help them deal with the financial burden that has arisen with quarantine. They also created a section on their website where anyone can submit an order for food. They are asked about dietary restrictions, space for frozen food, and access to cooking, so they can provide the most efficient and helpful means of food. Any excess food is donated to local food pantries that help out the homeless and elderly in need.

In addition to providing meals, Daddy Jones Restaurant arranged a movie night every Monday night at 8:30 to bring together the community during this tough time. Social distancing and health procedures are maintained of course!

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