Local Dorchester Man Holds Concerts From His Porch

Music is something that pulls emotions out of people. Whether it is screaming Juice WRLD´s Lucid Dreams in a car with your friends, concerts in the shower, or a piano recital, there's always something that makes us come back to music. Artists have been taking this time to perfect their craft, with many albums and records being released. For some of us, these releases are all that people are looking forward to; my friend recently said, ¨My only hope is a J. Cole-Kendrick Lamar collaboration.¨ Music is often the best medicine.

COVID-19 has created a sense of hopelessness for many Americans, for a variety of reasons. Any small deed meant to put a smile on someone's face goes a long way, and music is a great way to do that. Early in the pandemic, there were viral videos of Italians singing songs together out their windows, a great sign of solidarity and togetherness while physically apart during quarantine.

A person that has not been seen in the news, but should be, is Orin Gutlerner. A resident of Dorchester, MA, he has always loved playing guitar for his family and friends. I recently spoke to his daughter Lilah, a rising junior at Boston Latin School, and she told me about how he decided to create concerts for the kids in their neighborhood. He would go outside onto their porch and play songs on his guitar while the kids would sit in the lawn, socially distanced. Lilah said, ¨it was so nice to feel… the neighborhood was together...¨ while things like block parties, youth sports, and parades were canceled.

This is something that you yourself can do for your community! We are calling all of those musically gifted individuals to put on a mini concert for your neighborhood, or at least for your neighbors!

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